Owner, Cynthia Fleming, is a licensed esthetician instructor in the State of Texas. She has seven years of experience and knowledge in skin care and in the operation of esthetic equipment.

As a manufacturer representative, Cindy has received comprehensive training on all esthetic equipment. Derm Tech continues to represent the top leading manufacturers available in the industry with the utmost service. She represents the state of the art equipment used for both medical and salon esthetic practices.

With her years of experience in skin care; extensive training on esthetic equipment and as manufacturer rep, training and certifying other estheticians seems a natural progression for Cindy.

Through, Derm Tech, Cindy provides up-to-date, comprehensive instruction in the fast changing industry of skin care treatments. Cindy has also received medical training and is certified in chemical peels. Thru educational seminars, she provides hands on training on all esthetic and medical equipment. Classes are available to students and estheticians.

While warranties may vary by machinery, Derm Tech will strive to provide the best service and continual customer support for estheticians and students alike, to allow them to be successful in their careers.